Jamel Hall in Creative Writing and Performed Poetry on Various Stages Across Jamaica and Bali

Jamel Hall in Creative Writing and Performed Poetry on Various Stages Across Jamaica and Bali

Bali Inspirasi.Ubud-Bali.When Poetry Touch human Experience
Jamel Hall

Join us for an evening of Poetry and Passion for the written word at the Art Culture Culinary Community Gathering.

all comunity join in whorkshop at shrida restsurant taste of ubud

This month come together at Shrida Restaurant Taste Of ubud for “When Poetry Touches: The Human Emotional Experience.” Listen to a talk and take in a unique performance by published Jamaican Poet and Creative Writing Workshop Tutor, Jamel Hall.

He will take us on a Journey through the Writers’ perspective and discuss how to live and experience the world as a Writer.

Through his work, we delve into the mechanics and the magic of poetry. Together we will discover and discuss how poets craft stories that touch us emotionally, change us and stay with us long after the poem is read.

Our Speaker this month will also come together with the musicians in his new project The Brass Tax and perform his own work set to music. The Brass Tax is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic trio that writes, produces and performs layered pieces of Audio Art with Poetry at its core.

As a Poet, his poetry focuses on the small, complex and common stories that make up human existence. The work tries to engage all the sense seamlessly transporting the reader to small but important places and moments in time and space. Hopefully leaving a little piece of poetry with the reader each time they come and go.

Mr Hall as he hates being called has had several poems published and Self Published a Chap Book. He has taught workshops in Creative Writing and performed Poetry on various stages across Jamaica and Bali.bali inspirasi

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